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Are you looking for a city pad? What about Istanbul!

Posted on May 22 2017 by Gill C

The idea of living abroad usually conjures up in your imagination, beautiful golden sandy beaches, deep blue seas and eternal sunshine, sitting by the coast sipping on something long cool and refreshing and topping up your tan. But, what if your dream of living abroad means you want to be in the hub of a vibrant city? Somewhere you’re surrounded by magnificent architecture, wonderful art galleries and museums, a colourful city rich in culture and history just waiting to be explored, somewhere like Istanbul for example, why not? It has just as much to offer as any of the well-known European cities if not more!

Generally, city living anywhere in the world can be very expensive; we all know the high costs of living in cities like London, Paris and Rome to name a few, they are fabulous cities, of course, however, you would need to watch your pennies once there. So what about Istanbul? A city which offers beautiful skylines, fabulous shopping especially at the Grand Bazaar I may add, delicious food and it may surprise you to know properties on both sides of the Bosphorus which offer luxury living at great prices. I’m not sure this will always be the case as Istanbul grows in popularity it’s inevitable that prices will rise too but for now, if you want to live in a European city and enjoy all the trappings it has to offer, then you need to seriously consider Istanbul as the main contender.

The transport links in Istanbul are second to none and has the benefit of two airports, finding your way around here is a great experience either by bus, cable car, ferry boats, city bus, metro, underground, tram, rail or taxi wherever you want to go basically. Once you have explored the city and you do fancy a day of relaxation then head off to the coast and you won’t be disappointed as Istanbul has several wonderful beaches on it’s not one but two coasts, one to the Sea of Marmara and one to the Black Sea.

Owning your own city apartment or house in Istanbul will give you a fabulous lifestyle, opening your front door and being part of this wonderful city with all its attractions will make you feel alive and part of a community. I always think of Istanbul being sultry its quite intoxicating with all the sights, sounds and aromas. By day it’s a bustling exciting city and by night it becomes hot and pulsating with bars and nightclubs with music from jazz, reggae, funk, soul, gypsy and good old rock n roll. If this is too upbeat for you, you can find soothing classical and Turkish music where you can relax and unwind.

If I was going to relocate to a city it would be Istanbul for me, for now, I have my fix there every three months or so, taking in the sites and having new and exciting adventures every time I go. Maybe see you there sometime!


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