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Can you afford to stay in the UK after retirement? Consider Turkey!

Posted on Jun 19 2017 by Gill C

What are the benefits of retiring in the UK? Are you nearing that milestone in your life? Are you looking forward to it? Is it a concern for you and can you afford to retire and live well?

Thousands of retired ex pats leave the UK to live abroad and Turkey is high on the list for their new home. Have you ever wondered why so many people choose Turkey? Ok, it takes around 4 hours by flying as opposed to the European countries of France and Spain only about a 2-hour flight so it’s not as close to loved ones and friends. However, the cost of living in Turkey is very affordable; your money stretches much farther in Turkey for a property than any other European country. A Turkish property will give you a luxury lifestyle a beautiful home where the sun shines for 300 days per year.

You will be amazed by the cost of the utility bills; my electric bill now for a 4 bedroom detached villa is just 68tl for the month that is £15.00 and in the winter months usually December, January and February it’s around 180tl (£40.00) per month. Gas is by way of a bottle and is used for cooking only and the cost of a bottle is 80tl (£18.00) and usually, lasts me about 12 months. We have to drink bottled water so it’s a large 19-litre bottle and is 6tl (£1.30) and that includes delivery to my front door.

Council tax which includes rubbish removal (emptying of bins etc) which is paid yearly is around 0.1% of the cost of your property. At the time of writing this if you’re over 65 years of age and you live full time in Turkey, you do not need private medical insurance, if under that age expect to pay yearly as a minimum 800tl (£177)

If you opt to have the internet installed at your home you have the choice of WiFi which is the cheapest option and costs as little as 35tl (£8 per month) There are weekly markets everywhere in Turkey and here you can buy all your fresh fruit and vegetables, cheese, olives, bread, poultry, eggs and fresh honey ( it’s still on the honeycomb) less than 100tl (£23) will cover it believe it or not. 1 kilo of excellent beef steak is less than 40tl (£9)

Getting around by the local bus (Dolmus) is both reliable and cheap you can travel 20km for around 6tl (£1.33) so you don’t need a car if you don’t want one. Taxis are always on hand and a local taxi, for example, is usually 15tl (£3.40) The banks offer excellent interest rates and are in the region of 10% if you tie your money up for a period of around 3 years you can withdraw your interest on a monthly basis, the more money you tie up the higher the rate.

Consider Turkey for your retirement I guarantee your lifestyle will be so much better!

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