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China and Turkey Continue to Increase Relations Despite Disagreements

Posted on Feb 25 2012 by spotblue

China and Turkey have signed further deals to improve trade and relations, during a visit to the country by Chinese vice president Xi Jinping.

In a meeting with Turkish President Abdullah Gul Xi put forward a four point plan for increasing relations between the two countries. Stating his support for high level exchanges between the countries and for increasing Turkish imports and investments. He also reiterated China’s support for Turkey in international and regional affairs.

Following their meeting both attended a signing ceremony, in which the the People’s Bank of China and Turkey’s Central Bank signed a currency swap agreement worth $1.6 billion (euro1.2 billion) to enable bilateral trade in local currencies.

The Chinese vice-president then met with Prime Minister Erdogan, and finally with Turkey’s Parliament Speaker Cemil Cicek, to whom he praised Turkey’s growing role in trying to resolve “hot issues” such as the Iranian nuclear dispute and conflicts in the Middle East.

Xi’s visit to Turkey completes his three nation trip, having already visited the US and Ireland. Turkey and China are currently in staunch disagreement over how to handle the violence in Syria, but the leaders were keen not to let this stop their growing trade partnership.

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