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European Union to Support Black Sea Projects

Posted on Sep 15 2012 by spotblue

The European Union is supporting a number of projects in the Black Sea which includes several sites in Turkey. These sites will be a new series of protection zones, and human activity is expected to be minimised in order to help preserve the environment. ##

A professor at Istanbul University, Dr Bayram Ozturk, is the coordinator of the project and thinks it’s an excellent idea to help protect the future of the Black Sea. The project will take place over four years and will involve the participation of 22 countries. During this time all means of human traffic within the protected areas will be prohibited.

Five different areas within Turkey are set to become protection zones. These include kefken in the province of Kocaeli, Sile in Istanbul, Ignaeda in the province of Kirklareli, the Yesilirmak Rivers in Samsum, the deltas of the Kizilirmak, the Mergit reef which is just offshore from Trabzon, and Cide and Doganyurt in Kastamonu.

These zones will be protected against noise pollution and environmental pollution, fishing and other sea traffic and tourism. Research into these areas will continue until 2016 before the findings are presented to the European Union, alongside suggestions for their conservation. It will then be up to the European Union to decide whether or not to declare any suggested zones as being protected areas during an initial process.

The second part of the process will be to take this decision to European Union member countries. It will be interesting to read the results of the findings, and to assess how this may affect holiday homeowners and the tourism industry in these areas.

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