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Honesty is the best policy when writing a property description

Posted on Aug 07 2017 by Gill C

For those of us who write on a daily basis property descriptions, sometimes our descriptions become bland and boring and worst of all repetitive. We need to make sure that our words are captivating and above all honest; there is absolutely no point in fabricating how great a property is with untruths. It’s important to remember to adhere to the facts because other wise you are going to have unhappy clients who don’t want their time wasted and you will miss your targeted audience altogether.

First and foremost stick to the facts and don’t exaggerate or hype up a property description, yes be creative with your words but don’t lie it’s just not worth it. Don’t describe “a beautiful conservatory which makes an added addition to this family home” if it’s nothing more than a small lean to. The prospective buyers may specifically want a conservatory and you have just lied to them and they will be less likely to view more properties with you.

Ensure that your descriptions are accurate and full of information; most clients want to know for example the sizes (sqm) of properties and generally room by room. Buying a property is a big deal and the more information supplied the better. Saying the family bathroom is “quirky” means what exactly? If the bathroom is small and compact you need to say so, a small bathroom to a client may not be a deal breaker.

Think about the location of a property too it is usually very important especially to families who need to consider schools or colleges for their children. You will find plenty of families wanting to be in a good catchment area for a good school, if this is the case mention this in the description it’s a good selling point. The same can also be said for people who want a retirement home in a quiet area, generally, an area where there is a small development of one or two bedroom bungalows will not appeal to first time buyers or families, therefore the selling point is not aimed at families.

There are occasions where you will need to state for example a small garden but don’t go into too much detail, it’s important to remember not everyone will want a large garden. Anything about a property which isn’t a great selling point simply give the accurate facts but highlight all the major features. If the property has great views overlooking countryside then highlight it, if however, it’s overlooking the local newsagent write it’s close to amenities and move on, and the client will see everything for themselves on viewing.

Captivate the reader, sell the property and encourage them to keep reading, therefore, highlight the major features, to begin with, and be positive and honest. The main selling points always come first; you want the buyer to feel that this is the perfect property for them. Gain their trust by being truthful, you will target your clients and they will certainly recommend you!


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