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How I began living the dream in glorious Turkey

Posted on May 17 2017 by Gill C

I’m often asked why did I choose Turkey as my full time home, well it began in 2001 I was on holiday on the Greek island of Kos and took a day trip to Bodrum. I loved everything about Bodrum and felt a sense of belonging, it’s hard for me to describe really. In 2002 I visited Turkey again but this time for a holiday and loved it so much I began looking for a holiday home and an investment property, initially, I saw it more as a great investment as property was just beginning to boom in Turkey at that time.

I took my time and found a lovely area I thought if I bought here I can also rent my property out when not using myself, earn some money via a rental income. However, I found myself spending more and more time here and I didn’t want anyone else using my lovely Turkish home. I got to the point where every time I was leaving I would shed a tear as I passed Bafa Lake on the way to Bodrum airport because I was leaving a home away from home, the sunshine, beaches, friends and basically a healthier lifestyle, every time I visited Turkey I felt well, rejuvenated and relaxed but I was going home to a stressful job that I was beginning to loathe.

I finally made the decision to leave and to give it a go, what did I have to lose? If it didn’t work out I could always go back home to the UK and keep my Turkish home too. Well, it did work out and I have lived full time in this haven now for 8 years and wouldn’t dream of returning to the UK except for holidays. Yes I miss my family of course and close friends but they come to visit often and love it, they understand why I’m here and why I chose to make Turkey my home and they too hate to leave but know they can always come back whenever they choose and yes some of my friends have also bought a holiday home here too.

So my advice is this, if this is what you’re searching for then give it a go, don’t sit back and in later years say why didn’t I try it? It’s absolutely true when they say you only regret what you didn’t do. All I can say hand on heart is in Turkey you have the wonderful summer sun, clear blue skies, beautiful beaches, fabulous food, friendly people and the cost of living enables you to have a luxurious lifestyle, seriously what are you waiting for?

Full time living in Turkey may not be for everyone we all have different responsibilities at home but having a holiday home you can visit whenever you need to will give you a sense of freedom to escape sometimes and take much needed time out to relax and enjoy your surroundings, come and see for yourself!


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