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Jet2 Announces New Turkey Flights out of Newcastle

Posted on Dec 10 2011 by spotblue

Showing their commitment to Newcastle airport and the north east region Jet2 have just made a series of announcements, including new routes from the airport, expansions of existing routes, and another jet to be based there.

Those living in Newcastle and the surrounding couple of hundred miles, who have a love of Bodrum in their heart, will be glad to learn of’s new flights to Bodrum from the city airport. Bodrum is one of the fastest growing tourism destinations in Turkey, and a hot favourite with Brits, so this can only be good news for Bodrum and for Newcastle.

According to the most recently available data, traffic through Bodrum airport is growing at around 30% per year, with a higher proportion of that growth being attributed to foreign travel than at most airports across Turkey.

Other new routes announced were Venice, Rome and Reus, and the new flights start May 31st from £34.99 one way including taxes.

Jet2 is becoming a forerunner in terms of its coverage of new markets like Turkey and Egypt, with several announced flights to such locations in the last 12-18 months. Not that this is risky, according to the Association for British Travel Agents Turkey is showing far more growth potential than leading destination Spain, which hit its peak several years ago.


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