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Leaving your homeland and searching for your perfect home in fabulous Turkey

Posted on May 08 2017 by Gill C

Once you have decided that’s it, you want out of the rat race and you want to move to Turkey for a slower pace of life, to feel the warm sun on your face for around 300 days per year, there are firstly a lot of loose ends to tie up in your homeland. Possibly you have a house to sell or you may decide to rent it out, your family and friends although will miss you, hopefully will understand why you would want to move to this beautiful enigmatic country.

Even before the big move its advised to visit your desired locations, you will know which area is “the one” yes it is like a love affair finding the “one” your perfect place you will call home whether it be along the scenic coastline, a city pad, or in the countryside and then the fun begins and it is fun its a pleasurable journey, always use a reputable agent and a good solicitor when searching for real estate in Turkey.

So, what are you looking for? How about a two bedroom apartment or a three bedroom duplex? Maybe a four bedroom villa, what about buying a plot of land and designing your dream home? All are possible it depends on what you’re looking for and what your budget will allow. In Turkey you can have a luxurious lifestyle on a good budget, imagine a plot of land say 750m2 with a four bedroom villa, a private pool a BBQ area with seating a garden and most of all stunning views may be of mountains and forests filled with flora and fauna or golden sandy beaches and the clear blue waters of the Aegean or the Mediterranean Sea. For those aching for historical buildings and beautiful architecture where they can immerse themselves in a diverse culture and visit Art galleries and Museums then a city pad or house would suit, where they can be in the “hub” of a city life and all that it offers.

Sometimes when you want that change in your life it’s all about taking a leap of faith, trust your instincts and try it! Search websites with great reference links that will help you such as Jasmine Directory. The majority of ex-pats stay and immerse themselves in a different culture and wouldn’t dream of returning home except for holidays and to see family and friends. When your living in Turkey your friends and family come over and visit and you can enjoy quality time together and they usually understand why you made that move and in more cases than not, they envy your lifestyle. On occasion, some people return to their homeland for a variety of reasons but the people that I know who have returned, they all kept their Turkish homes and still come for holidays to see their friends. Did they regret their initial move to Turkey? All have said no, they loved the experience and they wouldn’t change it for the world!

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