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New Constitution Could be Written this Year

Posted on Apr 22 2012 by spotblue

The long awaited new Turkish constitution voted for by the public last year could be written in 2012 according to a statement today by parliament speaker Cemil Çiçek. Speaking at a meeting in Erzurum Cicek, head of the Parliamentary Constitutional Reconciliation Commission said that the new constitution must be written this year lest Turkey risks falling confidence in politics.

“We hope 2012 will be the year of a new constitution,” he said. Çiçek also said Turkey should reach a compromise, and prepare a new constitution with the participation of all segments of society.

Cicek stressed the importance of Turkey abandoning the old constitution, which was written by the military junta responsible for overthrowing the then government in the 1980 coup.

He stated that Erzurum had an important role in the country’s War of Independence following World War I and added: “The meeting in Erzurum and future meetings in other provinces will help us design a draft for the new constitution, which is a need for our country. Once the new constitution is written, we will all understand that Parliament is the only place where the country’s problems can be discussed.”

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