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Sailing around the Turkish Coast

Posted on May 31 2017 by Gill C

One of the great joys of living in Turkey is looking forward to family and friends coming over to stay. The summer from May onwards right through to the end of October is busy for me but I love it immensely. Yes there is a large swimming pool and the fabulous beach is a mere three minutes by car but what else is on offer? I can only take my family and friends sightseeing a bunch of times before I need to think of new and exciting things to do. Of course, the daily boat trips are ideal and it’s a great way to get a good base tan, highly recommended by all is as soon as you land in Turkey the first visit anywhere should be to the Turkish Baths. Here you will be scrubbed and lathered up to within an inch of your life, only joking but it’s a great ex foliation and prepares your skin to be bronzed by the soaring sun, please remember to use sun creme and often.

The normal daily boat trips are great and you can relax and unwind whilst the boat takes you off to explore different beaches and coves. You will also have lunch on board as part of the price which is normally a delicious salad served with chicken or a vegetarian option with lots of lovely fresh bread. There are many different boats and there is one key factor to think about and that’s the music! Some boats really do cater for the party holiday makers and the music can be dance/trance, loud and the volume is set to high and everyone is encouraged to party. Other boats offer a more laid back type of music which you can sing along to and still relax and other boats offer a mix of Turkish music. If you book a ticket on the wrong boat with music that will pierce your ear drums trust me you won’t enjoy it at all.

Now a few years ago I discovered a fabulous boat trip on board a Gulet which is a traditional wooden boat and you can hire the boat for a Gulet cruise, it’s wonderful if you have your own family and friends on board as the whole party. There are different standards of Gulet and sizes as you can imagine but they usually differ in size from hosting six to twelve passengers (not including crew) and the trips can be anything from just a few days to a full week.

I would highly recommend a Gulet cruise you’re completely looked after from start to finish and everything is included except alcohol which is extra. These cruises are fun, relaxing and make a change from the usual sightseeing trips; you’re able to visit different areas of Turkey all along the coastline and swim in the azure waters

I think a trip may be on the cards next time my family and friends arrive here for their holiday, I better start planning now!

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