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Turkey has more clean, safe beaches than France

Posted on Jun 18 2013 by spotblue

Finding a home near quality beach in Turkey shouldn’t be a problem – the country now has the third highest number of Blue Flag beaches out of all 48 countries that participate in the scheme, which is recognised globally and organised by the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE).

The Blue Flag list for 2013 put Turkey ahead of France, which this year drops to fourth from third. Turkey also has 21 Blue Flag marinas, currently the seventh highest number.

“While some countries are falling down the rankings, Turkey is raising its game and improving the quality of its beaches and marinas,” said Julian Walker, director at Spot Blue. “The knock-on effect is positive for the property market – being near a Blue Flag beach can only help a property hold value. Unsurprisingly, Antalya on Turkey’s Mediterranean coast now has a staggering 179 Blue Flag beaches, more than double that of any other Turkish region – Mugla has the second highest number with 76.” Three beaches in Istanbul on the Sea of Marmara are also on the list.

To be awarded a Blue Flag, a beach is assessed on water quality, environmental management, safety and services, and availability of information about the environment. Out of Turkey’s 21 Blue Flag marinas, seven are in the Mugla region, six in the Antalya region, two in Istanbul, two in Aydin, two in Izmir, and one in both Balikesir and Yalova.

“The latest Blue Flag list highlights just how untapped much of Turkey’s coastline is,” said Julian Walker, director at Turkish property specialist Spot Blue. “Away from the main resorts, there are dozens of stunning beaches and bays that many foreigners never encounter, real gems each with a selection of properties to choose from. The Bodrum Peninsula in Mugla is a good example, where the smaller resorts of Gündoğan, Turgutreis, Gümüslük and Yalıkavak all have Blue Flag beaches combined with stunning property to buy. In Antalya, again the popular resorts of Alanya and Side have Blue Flag beaches, but so do less well trodden but very picturesque areas, such as Çamyuva or Göynük, both near Kemer.”

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