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Turkey News Roundup Week Ending 08 – 01 – 2012

Posted on Jan 07 2012 by spotblue

Turkey Smashes Export Record in 2011

Turkish exported goods worth a total of $134.6 billion in 2011, which is not only an 18.2% growth on 2010’s figure, but is a new record for the republic. Throughout 2011 Turkey showed strong growth in exports, setting records for monthly export totals in several months. This is of course all helping to close the trade and current account deficits. The next target for Turkey is to be exporting $500 billon worth of goods by 2023.

Turkey Hits 30 Million Tourists Target in 2011

During the global tourism (and almost everything else) boom of the early-mid noughties, when Turkish tourism was flying high, the authorities set the target of welcoming 30 million visitors per year by 2010. The international crisis prevented this from happening, although unlike most countries Turkish tourism growth was not stopped by the crisis only slowed. This is shown by the fact that, according to a new report from the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Turkey welcomed over 30 million visitors in 2011, although it hasn’t released a firm number as yet.

Turkish Airports Handle 118 Million Passengers in 2011

According to the General Directorate of State Airports Authority of Turkey (DHMI), Turkey’s 45 airports handled over 118 million passengers in 2011 a 14.4% growth compared to 2010, with 58 million flying domestic routes and 59 million flying abroad. The number of transiting passengers exceeded 1 million.

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