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Turkish life in flip flops and what has Vitamin D got to do with it?

Posted on Jun 05 2017 by Gill C

It’s a well-known phrase “living life in flip flops” and to be lucky enough from May to October every year to do just that, it got me thinking about how great it feels to have the warmth of the sun on your face it lifts your spirits and makes you feel happy. Since moving to Turkey I have never felt better, yes, I suffer from the odd cold around March time and catch the odd virus if one is doing the rounds, but generally I feel very well and it’s so much easier to get up in the mornings when you’re faced with a cloudless sunny blue sky. I also suffer from asthma and my symptoms are much better since living by the sea with plenty of fresh air.

I decided to research Vitamin D as it’s referred to often these days and it makes interesting reading, we hear a lot now about the benefits of Vitamin D and baring lots of our skin to the sun (sunbathing) vitamin D is produced by our own bodies absorbing the sun’s UVB rays. It may surprise you to know that apart from vitamin D making us actually feel better (less moody in my case) it also helps to prevent an array of serious illnesses.

Around 90 – 95% of our Vitamin D intake is from the sun, the rest is from our diet, and we should be eating adequate amounts of salmon and tuna which is oily fish, eggs, milk, margarine and breakfast cereals.

Here are some benefits of how the sun can make you feel better, a boost in serotonin which gives you the feel good factor, serotonin is referred to as the “happy hormone” it’s fair to say that whilst the sun is shining we to tend to get more exercise by taking a walk or bike ride for example, which in turn releases endorphins and makes us feel good.

Studies have shown that serious illness can be prevented or relieved for example high blood pressure, an onset of diabetes, multiple sclerosis, certain types of cancers, Crohn’s disease and IBS to name a few. Other benefits are stronger teeth and bones, inflammatory conditions, fertility and menstruation disorders, skin conditions such as psoriasis, acne and eczema are relieved. A boost to the immune system is given which sees a greater production of white blood cells which help to fight infection.

Who knew the sun could do all that and more? Our energy levels are increased and we are more likely to lose weight because we feel happy and our appetite is suppressed, a recommendation for being out in the sun is about three times a week gives us the addition of vitamin D that our body needs.

When I moved to Turkey it was for the lifestyle I craved, a slower pace in the sunshine with beautiful views. Now I understand the wonderful health benefits which have come free of charge so the question is when are you coming to Turkey?

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