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Turkish Ports Need Overhaul to Meet Cruise Ship Demand

Posted on Apr 13 2013 by spotblue

It is no shock that Turkey wants to develop its marine-tourism market, specifically the yacht and cruise segment to boost income from tourism. It is certainly true that there is room for improvement and growth, as Turkey has potential for much more cruise and yacht tourism than it currently receives, not least because of its location. According to new report ports are failing to accommodate a rising number of ships because they were not designed for cruise ships, a sector player has said.

“Ships have begun to come [to Turkey], but the ports are insufficient as they weren’t built considering cruise tourism,” MSC Cruises Turkey General Manager Necla Tuncel told Anatolia news agency.

Vessels using Greek and Croatian ports might stop by Turkey as well, she said, “but in order to be able to take a share from this tourism, the ports need an urgent overhaul.”

Figures for last year show that over 2 million tourists came to 22 Turkish ports carried by 1,517 ships in 2012.

The rehabilitation is not necessary for only Istanbul ports, which are the most popular ones, as İzmir, Marmaris and Kuşadası’s ports should also be overhauled, said Tuncel.

Increasing high value tourism to Turkey is a big aim for the government, as while Turkish tourism has grown greatly in the last decade, it continues to be dominated by low-budget all inclusive holidays and such like, which bring a lot of mass to the beaches but not a lot of money to the branches. Turkey is keen to increase the number of high net worth individuals coming into the country, which could also benefit the Turkish property market.

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