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Turkish Property Investment Hotspots Revealed

Posted on Apr 03 2013 by spotblue

No property investment should ever be made based on national statistics, regional projections or a gut feeling — at least not on their own. Property investments should be chosen based on cold hard local analysis. But as poor as an investment made based on pure gut feeling or regional projections would be, the investor who tried to analyse every local market in the world before making up his mind would likely make the same amount of gains, next to none.

You need to have a starting point and thankfully this can be based on any of the above. Turkey is a prime example of this; you don’t have to put your ear to the ground the learn that Turkey has gone from the sick-man of Europe to one of the strongest and most stable economies in the world over the last decade. Things like the new law passed opening up the country to buyers from over 290 additional nations only sweeten the deal. So for many people Turkey is the starting point at which they land. If you are one of them here are 2 places where you might want to begin your local research.


Istanbul is the jewel in the crown: with booming air-traffic so high that they need a third international airport to meet the exceptional growth in demand, this on top of booming employment growth, a retail boom a hotel boom one of the fastest growing population’s in the world, strong economic and employment growth, and… last but not least low and undoubtedly undervalued property prices.


Antalya has many of the same characteristics as Istanbul. Antalya is the third biggest city in Turkey so it has the same rapid population growth owing to the mass-migrations of the Turkish population from rural to city locations. It also has low property prices, strong retail growth and plenty of employment, but where Antalya sets itself apart is the fact that Antalya is also one of the top beach-resort locations in Turkey. If you plan to rent on a short-mid-term basis and are drawn by the appeal of a Turkish holiday only paying for the accommodation, then Antalya should definitely be on your shortlist.

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