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Turkish Traditions Gradually Making UNESCO’s Cultural Heritage List

Posted on Nov 09 2012 by spotblue

A number of Turkey’s cultural traditions are gradually making their way to being registered on UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage List. The latest traditions being proposed for the list include Turkish coffee and Manisa’s mesir paste, both of which are being put forward by the Culture and Tourism Ministry. The list is due to the updated in November.

At the moment Turkey already has the highest number of registries on the UNESCO list and is hopeful these latest proposals will not only make it onto the latest registry, but will also raise awareness for tourism. The purpose of the Intangible Cultural Heritage List is to help demonstrate the diverse culture of a city, and to help raise awareness as to its importance.

The traditions already on the list include the whirling dervish ceremony, Shadow Theater, the kirkpinar oil wrestling festival, keşkek which is a dish of chicken or mutton and coarsely ground wheat, and the Alevi-Bektashi whirl ritual. Mesir paste, is a traditional sweet produced in the Aegean province of Manisa. It’s likely that UNESCO will give priority to the mesir paste over Turkish coffee, as they only accept one file every year.

Elements of Turkish culture that might be evaluated in the future include Ajlat stone working, whistle language and aşure and which is a type of pudding made from grains, fruits and nuts, originally served during the first month of the Islamic calendar. In

This putting is also called Noah’s pudding and is traditionally made in large quantities to commemorate the landing of Noah’s Ark before being distributed to friends and family as an offering of peace and love. The UNESCO Cultural Heritage List has more than 200 listed traditions from around the world.

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