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Villa versus Apartment and why a villa is ideal for permanent living in Turkey

Posted on May 12 2017 by Gill C

There are so many stunning properties for sale in Turkey its luxurious living without having to pay extortionate prices. Everything you can image from one, two or three bedroom apartments to four bedroom duplexes and detached villas from three or four bedrooms onwards. If you’re buying a home for holidays yes an apartment is more than sufficient, however, if you’re moving over to Turkey on a permanent basis then I would recommend paying the extra for a villa. When you live in Turkey full time the extra space a villa gives you is worth it, think about it, when the weather is great at home everyone dons their shorts and T-shirts and it’s in the garden for a BBQ, well usually from April through to October you will be in shorts and a T-shirt and the BBQ will no doubt become your best friend.

So a villa it is, all you need to think about now is do you plump for a villa on a complex or in its own grounds. A villa on a complex has the benefit usually of a large communal pool which is great because someone else takes care of it and the grass cutting of the gardens as well and more importantly the costs are shared. However, as it is a complex you will have to comply with complex rules and regulations and you will need to pay complex maintenance fees.

A villa that stands in its grounds is, of course, more private and you have the freedom to choose what you want to do with your own land, for example, if you choose to have your own vegetable garden who is there to stop you? It also makes owning pets easier and I have found most own at least one dog. The running of your pool is your responsibility too but there are plenty of excellent pool companies who will undertake this job for you if you opt not to do it yourself.

For me I have to say a villa wins every time, there are pros and cons for each either a villa on a complex or a privately owned one. What I can say though is it will probably be the best investment you will ever make. Outdoor living in Turkey is wonderful, we have fantastic weather 300 days of sunshine per year we have stunning beaches, beautiful countryside and exciting cities. We have the luxury of our very own villa to go home to at the end of a hard day after doing a bit of shopping at the local market and drinking a chilled glass of wine at one of the beach side bars with friends.

Can you image waking up and sipping your first tea or coffee of the day on your own villa terrace looking at the breathtaking taking views in front of you? I’m one of the really lucky ones who have that luxury day after day and I couldn’t imagine being anywhere else other than wonderful Turkey.

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